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Wildlife Removal Keene, NH

Wildlife Removal Services for Keene, NH, Leominster & Lowell, MA

Birch Hill Critter Solutions provides wildlife removal and pest control services in Keene, NH, Leominster & Lowell, MA. After the animal is removed we provide wildlife repair services. We can seal up holes, replace baseboards and re-insulate for animal waste. We want your home to be safe, secure and clean. When Birch Hill Critter Solutions is done, you're guaranteed to be satisfied with your wildlife-free home. Please call us if you need wildlife removal services.

Tips for Keeping Wildlife Out of Your Home

Once Birch Hill Critter Solutions completes their wildlife removal services, you're going to want to keep these pests out of your home for good. Below are a few tips to help you:
  • Secure trash and recycling containers
  • Keep tree branches trimmed  to prevent animals from climbing up and into your home
  • Ensure that all vents screens are tight and secure
  • Replace broken, loose or rotted shingles
  • Make sure that there are no entry points to your attic in your soffit vents and fascia
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