Preventive Repairs

Your home should be safe, secure, and clean

With Birch Hill Critter Solutions, you will get the best in honest, dependable, and affordable wildlife repair services.

Wildlife Removal and Repairs for Lowell, MA    

Damage is done, holes have been left, and you don't want to deal with it again

After you've had wildlife animals removed from your property, sometimes it will have been too late. You can count on us to seal up your home's holes, and take care of any other repairs caused by pesky creatures after we've removed them all.

Unrepaired damage can get expensive

  • Animal waste can cause rotting of certain materials
  • It could encourage future wildlife infestations
  • Nests, hair, and waste can be harmful for allergies and your family's health
Once they're out, keep them out with preventive repairs
  • Seal up or close up holes or spaces
  • Small repairs to attics and garages
  • Seal up or replace baseboards
  • Re-insulate for animal waste
  • Contractor referral for extensive damage

Don't let unwanted wildlife make their home in your home

10% discount for multiple species removal 5% discount for senior citizens


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